Product Overview


As-Salihin offers the service of will writing based on Islamic laws without any delay.


Amanah Takaful/Insurans (Pri-TI)

Pri-TI is a trust created from Takaful/Insurance proceeds where the policy owner (“Settlor”) appoints a Trustee Company, as-Salihin Trustee Berhad as assignee through absolute assignment and act as trustee (“Trustee”) to receive Takaful/Insurance proceeds (“Trust Fund”).

Executorship & Estate Administration

Appoint as-Salihin as your Executor or substitute Executor when writing your Wasiat, and you can be certain that it will carry out your wishes to the letter and ensure continuity in the administration process until the final distribution.

Administration of Intestate Estate

At as-Salihin we have the skills and experience to take on the often heavy responsibility of administering an estate.



At as-Salihin we offer a Trustee service which is truly Islamic and comprehensive in areas such as education, maintenance, corporate and charitable.


Jointly Acquired Asset Agreement

Perjanjian Aset Perolehan Bersama Jointly Acquired Assets Agreement

Harta sepencarian is a property jointly acquired by husband and wife during the subsistence of a valid marriage.


Pri-Hibah is a product of as-Salihin so named to reflect the use of “Hibah” as a mechanism to protect the rights of the children of the Settlor how low so ever. In effect, it is a gift instrument.



Pri-Niaga is planning to ensure that there will be smooth transfer and succession of business interest in anticipation of certain triggering events.


Waqf services available at as-Salihin are advice on formation of waqf and preparation of waqf agreements.



Guardianship is the management by an adult of the person and property of either a minor or an insane or disabled adult. At as-Salihin we can offer our services to act as guardian of a ward's property.


Pri-WARISAN is an Estate Administration Package Services. A special kind of service created to lower the rising cost of estate administration for our clients and to assist the family members in completing the tedious distribution process.

Personal Asset Inventory (E-PAI)

This page is dedicated to our customers who have written a Wasiat with as-Salihin Trustee Berhad.

Pri-Emas (Golden Age Trust)

Golden Age Trust, or its commercial name Pri-Emas is an exclusive product offered by as-Salihin Trustee Berhad which allows a person to appoint as-Salihin Trustee Berhad to manage his wealth in the event of mental or physical incapacity.