Amanah Takaful/Insurans (Pri-TI)

Pri-TI is a trust created from Takaful/Insurance proceeds where the policy owner (“Settlor”) appoints a Trustee Company, as-Salihin Trustee Berhad as assignee through absolute assignment and act as trustee (“Trustee”) to receive Takaful/Insurance proceeds (“Trust Fund”) and Settlor shall set up a Trust Deed to determine the terms and conditions for the administration of the Trust Fund.

The purpose of Absolute Assignment is to ensure the Trustee receives the Trust Fund upon Total Permanent Disability or any other disabilities covered by the policy and distributes the Trust Fund according to the terms and condition stated in the Trust Deed for the benefit of the policy owner and/or any specific beneficiaries.

Benefits of Pri-TI

  1. as-Salihin, a trustee company will receive the policy proceeds – can avoid any misconduct and breach of trust.
  2. Can create a legacy through trust fund.
  3. Protecting rights of specific beneficiaries, especially special children.
  4. The policy proceeds is not subjected to Faraid and estate administration, takes effect immediately according to the terms of the Trust Deed.
  5. Can control beneficiaries spending habits (specify purpose, amount and manner of distribution).
  6. Can be used for payment of debts and estate administration fee.
  7. Subject to Bankruptcy Act, trust fund protected against any creditor’s claim.
  8. No need to obtain court order to claim the takaful/insurance proceeds.

Advantages of Pri-TI Compared To Hibah Nomination
When Total Permanent Disability (TPD) or any other disabilities covered by the policy occured:

  1. Policy proceeds will be properly utilised for the benefit of policy owner and/or beneficiaries as stated in the Trust Deed.
  2. Avoid possibility of breach of trust and mismanagement of fund.
  3. Takaful/Insurance policy proceeds not limited to number of individual.
  4. Can be used for the settlement of monthly/yearly debts such as housing loan, credit card, utility bills, takaful/insurance premium of children or any other dependant(s) and other monthly/yearly commitment.


  1. Can name substitute beneficiaries and add conditions to distribution.
  2. Can give instructions for progressive payment (monthly or yearly or based on percentage) or create trust fund for legacy.
  3. Can control spending habits of spouse or children.
  4. Can instruct the Trustee to manage takaful proceeds, after death, for the purposes of payment of debts, cost of managing estate, continuous donations and endowments, or even for his business operation expenses.