Why as-Salihin


as-Salihin was established in 2004 to meet the crying need of the ordinary Muslim to preserve, protect and distribute his hard-earned assets for the benefit of his loved ones once he departs for the hereafter. The avowed aim of as-Salihin, is to provide all its services, relative to estate planning, in a manner based strictly on the Syari’ah.

as-Salihin was the first trustee company in Malaysia which focus in Islamic Estate Planning.



1. Perpetual Existence / Continuity

as-Salihin as a Trust Company has perpetual succession. With its team of full time legal staff, it will ensure continuity in the administration process until the final distribution.

2. Accountability And Impartiality

Unlike individuals acting as trustees, as-Salihin being a regulated body, is under a legal obligation to ensure that the monies bequeathed are properly managed, accounted for and distributed. Furthermore as a corporate body, as-Salihin will be independent and impartial towards all beneficiaries compared to individual trustees who may have emotional ties or other personal relationship with the beneficiaries.

3. Professionalism And Competence

By appointing as-Salihin, you are assured of the professionalism and competence in the work done at a cheaper cost for the overall administration. Our legal team is also supported and supervised by a Syari'ah Advisory Board.

4. Exemption From Administration Bond

An executor is a person appointed in a Wasiat to carry out the testator's wishes and instructions. In a testacy, an administration bond is required where there is no proving executor, in which case an administrator will be appointed and granted letters of administration with will annexed. Administration bond will be required where the gross value of the estate exceeds RM50,000 unless a trust corporation is appointed as the administrator. As a Trust Company, as-Salihin is statutorily exempt from this requirement.

5. Expedite Legal Process

By appointing as-Salihin as your Executor, the legal process to administer your estate after your demise is appreciably shortened since no contention over who should administer the estate would arise.

6. Convenience

At as-Salihin we provide our service at your convenience - our Islamic Estate Planner can visit you at your convenient time and at a place of your choice.